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A R T - O - M A T™

Clark Whittington has created a fabulous project called the Art-Mat.
It turns 10 this year!

L O T H A R   O S T E R B U R G   P H O T O G R A V U R E

Lothar is a brilliant and visionary artst who will teach you his technique for photogravure.

D O U G L A S   L E V E R E   /   N E W   Y O R K   C H A N G I N G

Doug has created an amazing book that revisits the photographs of Berenice Abbott. He rephotographs her images at the same time of day and year and in the same style using the same equipment. Amazing.

C O M P L E A T   S C U L P T O R

A fabulous resource for casting, modeling, and (of course) sculpting supplies.

L I N D S A Y   B O O K S

If it has to do with molten metal, Lindsay has something about it. Don't blame me if your spouse or roomate kicks you out of the house for trying some of his projects.

I support these organizations. Please take a moment to visit their site.

I N N O C E N C E   P R O J E C T

If you've ever been accused of something you didn't do, you can begin to understand what it must feel like to be wrongfully convicted of a crime. Most of the wrongfully convicted in New York served more than the minimum sentence before being exonerated.

C e n t e r   f o r   E m p l o y m e n t   O p p o r t u n i t i e s

Giving people returning to New York City from incarceration the opportunities and resources they need to find and keep jobs. CEO also helps reduce recidivism and rebuild families through their various programs.

O T H E R  C R A C K E R  & Art-O-Mat  L I N K S
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Lala & Gleentaramonstertaramonster 2
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