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  P E W T E R   S N A C K   F O O D

Give someone a pewter fortune cookie this year, because who doesn't need a good fortune in times like these?


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A great article on the Art-O-Mat and the Art-O-Man, Clark Whittington. The last page of the Art-O-Mat article is about yours truly including a video interview!  

This is a second sculpt to parody the amazing Keepon project based on marshmallow bunnies. I love to sculpt snack foods, and I love Mr. Kozima & Mr. Michalowski's work.

O.K., If you know me, you know that what would really happen in this video is that the peep would catch on fire and then be blown out once it was crispy. I would immediately eat the caramelized innerds of the bird. Unfortunately, this is a silicone puppet to parody my love for iconic food and Hideki Kozima's Keepon project. Mr. Kozima is working with autistic children utilizing the playfullness that he and Marek Michalowski have programmed into it. Click here to see this amazing robot.


F e b r u a r y  1,  2 0 0 7
A B C   N E W S . C O M

Click the image for a short video about
smoking, crackers, & the Art-O-Mat.


A u g u s t  1 0,  2 0 0 5
N-Ray Services images from Canada
Alternative Process Camera: Nuclear Reactor
When a multi-ton steel door is cranked closed and locked behind you, and then another just like it, you understand that these safety devices are intended to protect everyone but you. Entering the nuclear reactor for the first time, I was cautious, inspired, and excited. Clipped to my shirt was the equivalent of my canary for this coal mine, only it didn't sing. You peer through it like a kalidascope and read the needle as it measures radiation quietly. My guide, Jacques, gave me the nickel tour of the reactor. The usual stops for guests include a visit to the machine shop, the control room, and the top of the reactor. The main attraction: the blue light emanating from the reactor core through a pool of cooling water from five stories above. It's both eerie and beautiful simultaneously.

click here to read more about neutron ray prints

O c t o b e r  1 8,  2 0 0 5
NTB X-ray seeds from Germany
Alternative Process Camera: Digital x-ray camera
The x-ray above is quite different from the neutron ray images from N-ray. In medicine and other industries x-ray images and neutron ray images compliment each other. Each is quite unique in what it reveals. This tomato seed was imaged using a digital x-ray camera from NTB X-ray. [Thanks Uwe!]

click here to read more about X-ray prints

I N D U S T R I A L  H O M E  D E C O R

D e c e m b e r  2 0 0 4
Industrial Home Decor is closed.
Thanks to all of the people who collected this unique work. If you would like to see all of the IHD collection, click here.The work is prominently featured in the movie Runaway Bride with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.
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