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A u g u s t   1 8,   2 0 0 7
Solo Show 08.18.07 to 10.07.07
does time stand still?
The Arts Guild of Old Forge, Old Forge, NY

S e p t e m b e r   2 7–2 9,   2 0 0 7
Group Show & Sale
Art Attack
Pool Art Fair at Chelsea Hotel, New York, NY

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J u n e   2,   2 0 0 7
Group Show 06.02.07 to 07.08.07
Camera Works
Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield, CT

A u g u s t  2 7,  2 0 0 6
Group Show 08.27.06 to 10.15.06
LIGHT III: Illuminations
Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia, NY

Many works from does time stand still? will be on exhibit in the group show, LIGHT III: Illluminations, at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park this fall. I will be exhibiting with David Bowen and Social Media Group in the Art Park gallery.

The Art Park is in the beautiful little town of Cazenovia. Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, one of the first outdoor sculpture parks in this country, sits atop a breathtaking rural landscape of upstate New York hills, meadows, and forests.

J u n e  2 9,  2 0 0 6
Solo Show 06.29.06 to 09.30.06
does time stand still?
Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT

The Discovery Museum is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of photography by Herbert Hoover entitled does time stand still? – photographic images using old processes in new ways. The balcony exhibition opens June 29 and closes on September 30. The exhibition is curated by Wendy Kelley.

In this body of work, most recently shown at the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Hoover revives the photographic process of Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, Pin Hole and Photogravure. Modern technologies like neutron rays and x-rays are also used. His images are 16 x 20 close-up prints of pinecones, insects, grasses, flowers, trees, leaves and seeds. The images are interesting, beautiful and instructive as the process varies from print to print. Hoover's works recall artists who drew natural objects as illustration in books and conventions of scientific illustration that became popular in 19th century Europe and America. However, in the case of Hoover, the complex and subtle techniques and compositions take his work further into an artful elegance.

These photographs remind us of life in all its stages, from the beauty of the maple seed taken using a modern nuclear reactor as a camera, to the dried and fallen leaf of the magnolia tree – in Prussian blue (or cyan) – a cyanotype using compounds and sunlight instead of a darkroom. Pin hole photography has recently come back into use because of the soft atmospheric quality of picture it produces. Pin hole cameras can be made of anything that is dark inside including seashells, oatmeal boxes, coke cans or cookie containers. Exposures are long, ranging from half a second to several hours.

Hoover's work is in the permanent collection of the Coopper Hewitt National Design Museum and has been exhibited at Soho Photo, New York; Gallery 360, St Paul, MN; and the Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD. He also created the "Crackers" in the Art-O-Mat machines at New York's Whitney Museum and the LACMA museum in Los Angeles.

The exhibition is curated by Wendy Kelley . The works are for sale with a portion to be donated to the Discovery Museum. Please contact the curator, Wendy Kelley, for more information.

J u l y   3,  2 0 0 6
Group Show 07.15.06 to 07.29.06
Mandate: A Postmortem Analysis
A Subsidiary Of Technogaia

Paint & Body
815 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

Opening Reception July 15th - 7-11pm

Bob Ziller Pittsburgh, PA
Tim Kaulen Pittsburgh, PA
Herbert Hoover New York, NY
Mark Graves Kernersville, NC
C. Whittington Winston-Salem, NC

F e b r u a r y  1 8,  2 0 0 6
Solo Show 02.18.06 to 04.02.06
does time stand still?
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Opening Reception from 1:30-3:30pm

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery presents does time stand still? an exhibit of garden photographs by Herbert Hoover. Mr. Hoover creates images of classical botanical subjects seen through a modern eye, evoking a sense of timelessness through his use of historical alternative photographic processes. His pictures are shot with macro-lensed cameras, lensless pinhole cameras – even a nuclear reactor. They are also printed using a variety of historical processes that reveal the hand of the artist and blur the distinction between painting and photography. The techniques he uses – cyanotype, photogravure, gum bichromate, and pinhole camera – hearken back to the dawn of the technological era, while the striking results he achieves beckon the dawn of the 21st century.

"Gardens are full of life and excitement – bees buzzing around nectar like geeks around the latest digital camera," said Hoover, "When I use forgotten technology to bring to life the details and remnants of a garden, the image has the quality of a reminiscence and a reminder."

Herbert Hoover is a New York photographer and designer whose work is in the collection of the Coopper Hewitt National Design Museum and has been published in books, newspapers and magazines and exhibited at national galleries including, most rececntly, Soho Photo, New York, NY; Gallery 360, St. Paul, MN; and Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD. Mr. Hoover's eclectic design can be seen in crackers in the Art-o-mat machines at multiple locations including LACMA, the Whitney Museum, in the lamps in "Runaway Bride" and sculptures in the Blue Man Group Live at the Venetian.

This exhibition is made possible by Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Department of Public Programs, and is curated by Jill Conley, Gallery Coordinator, Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

F e b r u a r y  3,  2 0 0 6
Group Show 02.03.06 to 02.28.06
Mandate: A Postmortem Analysis
A Subsidiary Of Technogaia

Gravity Lounge
103 South First Street

Opening Reception Feb 3rd - 5pm-Until

Bob Ziller Pittsburgh, PA
Tim Kaulen Pittsburgh, PA
Herbert Hoover New York, NY
Mark Graves Kernersville, NC
C. Whittington Winston-Salem, NC

M a r c h  7,  2 0 0 6
Group Show 03.07.06 to 04.01.06
Eighth National Krappy Kamera Competition

Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street
New York City

Opening reception March 7, 2006 6-8pm

This is Mr. Hoover's fourth exhibit at SoHo Photo. Please come join us at the opening for Krappy Kamera 8!

Having seen last year's Krappy Kamera exhibit, I was delighted to be asked to judge this year's show. I have been working with a Holga camera with a Polaroid back these past two years and have come to appreciate the aesthetic of photographers who favor the simplicity inherent in these cameras."

I believe this exhibit emphatically demonstrates that conventional and unconventional technique allows the artist tremendous individuality of expression as embodied in these beautiful images.

--John Reuter 2006

above: crabapple pinhole cyanotype 16x20

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